CareChoice Cooperative

Organized in 1996, CareChoice Cooperative is the nation’s first senior care cooperative formed by nonprofit, mission-driven providers of aging services. Cooperative Members came together primarily for the purpose of contracting with managed care entities for skilled nursing services. Today, CareChoice holds contracts with all of the major area managed care health plans. In addition, CareChoice seeks collaborative funding opportunities for quality initiatives on behalf of their members to elevate nursing home staff skills and facilities in pursuit of the triple aim: improving patient experience, improving health and controlling costs.

CareChoice consists of 21 member organizations representing 43 skilled nursing facilities primarily located in the Minnesota metropolitan area.  Members also operate a variety of other senior community-based services as well as facilities providing assisted living, independent living and home health care.

The primary objectives of CareChoice are:

  • To improve quality of care and life of residents
  • To enhance member revenues and operational performance
  • To effectively managed operating costs
  • To develop and share best practices through education and collaboration
  • To collaborate to achieve goals that are greater than an individual organization can achieve

CareChoice is governed by a Board of Directors and its respective committees. Each of the 21 members elects a representative to the board. Their members and staff serve on the various committees to help govern the Cooperative. This governing structure provides an avenue for increased communication and collaboration among the staff across Member organizations.

CareChoice negotiates with the major health care systems to be part of their network of nursing homes for individuals in need of short-term rehab care. We ensure the communities are able to provide their individuals the highest quality care within the contracted rates. We work in partnership with these health care systems to provide educational forums for our staff from the nursing homes and housing communities and share best practices through these educational forums conducted throughout the year.

Our Mission

To provide financial and operational benefit(s) to our member organizations through innovation and collaboration.